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Building a house from containers

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12 January 2022

Building a house from containers

We are starting a series dedicated to a concept of using shipping containers for housing purposes.
First, we would like to introduce you to an “accidental order” of building a house, which turned out to be the driving force within the development of our company. Is it possible to create a home in a container? What advantages do container houses have? How does the adaptation of a shipping container for housing take place? Find all the answers to these and other questions in our series of posts about container houses!

Container house – how did it start?

The beginning of this story is quite surprising. There was no indication that a company selling shipping containers will start adapting them for storage, workshop or office spaces, that we will become a company building container houses. One day, we received an inquiry about the implementation of a daredevil – he had a bold vision, which assumed the construction of containers to build a single-family house.


Dom z kontenerow


Surprise mixed with excitement, and these emotions quickly made us say YES! We decided to do this project, starting with determining the details and choosing the right containers. The construction of the container house was made with 8 40’HC and 40’DV shipping containers.



How did the further realization of this order go? We will reveal all the details later in this series. However, one thing is certain – the challenge which we had to deal with made us expand our offer. Our enriched by the house from containers portfolio resulted in the introduction of a non-standard service, offering construction of houses and apartments in a container, as well as “declaration” houses up to 35m2.