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Marine containers – non-standard projects

We do not compromise! We take up any challenge connected with modification of shipping containers. We create container houses, summer , container houses, offices, catering containers and others.

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Shipping containers
- non-standard projects

Not only do we make adaptations of shipping containers to warehouses, workshops or offices, but we also carry out non-standard projects. When a client comes to us with an idea, we are happy to take on the challenge - according to their expectations and guidelines, we prepare a project and after approval we move on to action.

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krajobraz śnieżny
krajobraz śnieżny

What kind of non-standard orders do we do? We can offer catering containers, container apartments, year-round houses from containers, summer houses from containers, beach containers (for lifeguards, for rental of water equipment, beach bars, etc.), sanitary containers or even configurations from several sea containers, adapted to a different type of activity.

House of containers

Undoubtedly, some of the non-standard implementations from shipping containers are houses and apartments. Such modification is a response to the rising prices of the housing market, but also to the increasing social awareness and gaining popularity of an eco lifestyle. Adaptation of shipping containers for living space is our specialty – we can perform a turnkey order, taking into account the issues of electricity or heating and adjusting the appearance of the object to the utility and aesthetic preferences of customers. Modern living containers look very designer, the time of their implementation is much shorter than for the classic construction of the house, and what’s more – they are simply cheaper to implement. If the customer decides to build a micro apartment from containers up to 35m2, he does not need a building permit and can locate such an object on his land without a lot of time and attention consuming formalities. Usually the house from containers is built in less than 3 months – both summer and all-year-round. Interested? Contact our representative!

Unique design in a shipping container

Custom projects made of shipping containers are very popular in the USA, but more and more often they gain popularity of investors in Europe. In this way you can create in a short time unusual objects with different purposes – from designer apartments in a tourist destination, through the container houses, to bars, stores, service outlets or cafes made of containers. Customers find a lot of inspiration in this area in social media and come to us with an idea – then we analyze it, make a preliminary project with the calculation, determine the details and move on to implementation. Each order is different, so we approach every project individually and always look for the best solutions. Thus, our modifications of shipping containers are at the highest level. Do you have any questions? Contact our representative.

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