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Office containers

We make arrangements of shipping containers for office and office-sanitary spaces, adapted in size, finishing and equipment to the needs of our clients. Perfect for construction sites containers.

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Office container

Shipping containers are used in various applications. They are used not only for the carriage of goods or as a storage of various items, but can also be freely arranged. Therefore, they quickly gained recognition among entrepreneurs, who started to use them according to the needs of the company. One of them is to convert a metal structure into an office container. Our company has comprehensive technical facilities and qualified staff to professionally handle this type of orders - we can adapt the shipping container to individual customer needs.

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biuro z kontenerów
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środek pomieszczenia z kontenera

Building container

Container on the construction site is one of the most common solutions for various types of investments. It is used during the construction of roads, halls and various types of buildings. It can be used as a social container for employees or as an office container for the manager or engineering staff. In the objects located in the area of the investment you can also store construction materials and all equipment necessary for its conduct. It is a great convenience because it reduces the need to spend time transporting tools and materials from warehouses far away from the construction site for example. Adequately to the needs we can arrange construction containers so that they serve as a coatroom for employees, social room, office or warehouse. If you have specific preferences as to the aesthetics, equipment or development, you can rely on our help. Our specialists will prepare a project and provide a cost estimate. Are you afraid that it is not a convenient solution for winter? Nothing more mistaken! An on-site container can be equipped with heating, hot water and lighting. Moreover, when the construction comes to an end, the container’s mobility will allow it to be transported to the next investment.

Shipping containers and their applications

Marine containers can be adapted in many different ways. Mentioned earlier offices or construction warehouses are not everything. We also have experience in creating many other modifications, among which we can indicate: checkroom container, social container, office-warehouse container, workshop container, house of containers and many others. Do you want to know how much it costs, what is the lead time and create a project of your idea with us? Contact our representative, who will answer all your questions!

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