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Storage containers

We design storage spaces according to the needs of our clients. We use shipping containers in various configurations, adapting them to the form of functional container warehouses.

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Storage container

Marine containers are used as storage spaces - you can store goods, various types of equipment, furniture. For their purchase and adaptation decide both individuals and entrepreneurs. Storage containers are available in different variants and colors, in addition to modifications we are able to adapt the interior to the individual needs of users.

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kontener na polu
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wnętrze kontenera
wnętrze kontenera
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otwarty kontener

Solid metal construction ensures durability in use and safety of objects, tools, machinery and construction equipment stored in containers. If you are interested in a container for sale – we will certainly help! The structures we offer will prove excellent as a permanent or temporary object protecting various types of objects. What is the price of the storage container? It depends on the size of the object, modifications made and equipment. Contact our representative to learn more!

Workshop container

Our modern storage containers are available in many different configurations. We can rearrange them according to your needs and planned use. Workshop containers are one of the most popular options for our customers. Just contact our representative, choose the size and quantity of containers, present your idea for the arrangement and wait for our offer. We will contact you shortly to tell you how we will carry out the order for you and what the price will be. You can make additional modifications and suggest how to change the design so that the workshop meets all your needs. Workshop container is solid and durable. Moreover, it is distinguished by its tightness, safety and mobility. It is also extremely easy to adapt to the very specific requirements of your business. Such a shipping container can be a workshop for an electrician, carpenter, construction engineer and almost any other specialist! Everything depends on the project and individual guidelines. When you decide to modify a shipping container for a workshop, you gain a lot – this option often turns out to be more profitable than renting premises for business activities or building a new facility.

Container for sale or complex modifications

Do you want to buy a shipping container for your own needs? Great! We have a container for sale – and not just one! If you want to arrange it to your liking, use it as a warehouse, workshop, or instead of self-storage services to create storage space on your own or leased property – contact us! We will tell you the price of the storage container, we will present you our offer and its scope. As part of our service you can count on the transport and unloading of the container. And if you buy several – we will surely offer an attractive discount! Do you prefer to rely on the help of specialists? You tell us what your needs and expectations are and we will prepare a convenient offer. A sea container together with all its modifications can be erected on your premises very soon – do not hesitate to contact our salesmen to arrange the details!


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