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Who Are We

A team of specialists who are passionate about creating unique modifications of shipping containers to meet the needs of our clients. Get to know our history and check out our offer!

About us

We are a company dealing with the modification and shipping containers sale. We are distinguished by efficient adaptation and implementation throughout Europe.

We provide services based on our experience and knowledge gained over several years. Our customers appreciate our individual and non-standard approach to every project. We take up orders that we know will be carried out on a European level. We create houses, gastronomic premises and offices based on containers. We make sanitary containers, container workshops and Self-Storage container warehouses. Discover our history and check out what we have to offer!

  • 2004


    The beginning of our adventure with the container industry. At that time none of us thought that this business would give us so much fun and above all, so many opportunities in a few years. Shipping containers were dedicated exclusively for transport purposes, but with time they found their way into the broader construction industry.

  • 2019


    Extensive technical knowledge, supported by many years of experience and the passion accompanying the implementation of non-standard projects led to the start of Mody-Kon.

  • 2020


    Expansion of the company - enlargement of the team, extension of the office space and development of the infrastructure. All this to be able to carry out even more advanced projects in the adaptation of shipping containers.

  • 2021


    A new website, new projects, ideas and challenges. We are ready to take on any project - we are constantly expanding our competences, building our portfolio and offering more and more advanced solutions to our customers. All this to ensure that the modifications of shipping containers can meet the highest quality standards!

Our Team

Let's talk about your ideas, get to know each other

Radosław Małyska

Related to the container industry since 2004, he has gained experience in various positions, starting with the stacker operator, through the manager of the restoration department to the production manager. Passionate for creation, satisfaction from searching and creating new solutions, nobody knows as much about containers as he does. A professional at every stage of the project. He is no stranger to team management. He follows the motto "Alone you can go faster, but together you will go further".

Wojciech Napierski

For him, there is no such thing as "you can't...". Experience, wide technical knowledge, years of practice in the field of steel structures. Shipping containers appeared on his way in 2010. Based on containers, he decided to implement his own visions and technological solutions, which are now reflected in each of our realizations. Thanks to him, shipping containers are turning into functional and unique objects.

Modifications Specialist
Heliodor Szczęsny

He has been customer advisor since 2000 and provided solutions for mobile offices, sanitary and storage spaces since 2009. His ideas are always effective and functional, yet very unique and stylish. Give him distant vision, and you will receive a project that you have been dreaming about. A car enthusiast by day.

Sales Specialist
Nico Stromecki

“Balancing on the edge" of sales and adaptation of shipping containers literally and figuratively, as he serves both Polish and German markets. He will tell you all about containers, advise you, help you choose a product to meet your current needs - a satisfied customer is his priority.

Production Manager
Mariusz Bednarski

Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Gdansk University of Technology. He combines wide theoretical knowledge with over four years of experience in container industry which makes him a great specialist in his field. He is able to dress up the customer's idea with appropriately selected technology and technical solutions. Extensive experience in project management, production optimization and general management experience allows him to create the best solutions on the market in the field of adaptation of shipping containers for the MODYKON brand.


A great appreciation among customers are modern objects made of several or even more than a dozen containers.

An appropriate adaptation of containers can create a social, catering or even residential premises. See our container modifications on the example of selected projects.

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