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Sanitary container

We turn shipping containers into toilets or fully equipped sanitary units. All according to the needs of our clients - you choose the right size, colour, and equipment.

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Sanitary containers

Sanitary containers can usually be found on construction sites, but not only. They are also used during outdoor events, in beach bars, at tourist attractions and in many other places. What's more, they can function as individual modules or become a part of larger sets. Our company gives you the opportunity to create a sanitary container with any equipment specified by You.

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If you are interested, just contact us and tell us what your needs are – how many toilet cubicles, urinals, sinks or showers are to be placed inside. We can arrange the interior according to your needs or combine several containers to create a more spacious sanitary space.

Toilet container

Our sanitary modules are available in different sizes and with numerous equipment options. From single toilet to multiple cubicles, we can arrange everything just as you need it. From outside walls to the smallest details, we will make sure your project is 100% how you imagined it. Got any questions? We are just an email or phonecall away.

Bathroom container

Yet another way to adapt sanitary containers is to make them into full-on bathrooms. These can be fitted with not only toilets and washbasins, but also shower cabins and bidets. Want to use it at the beach? Lets add extra faucets for washing sand off of feet and outdoor showers, similar to those found at swimming pools. Want to know the costs, delivery time and what else we can do? Contact our representative!

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Choose the size and quantity of the containers.

Container arrangement

Let us know your idea, and we will design accordingly.

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Before we proceed, we agree on all, even minor details to make sure you get 100% what you need.


Once we complete the project, we will price and arrange for delivery of your brand new container.